Sunday, May 27, 2007

Project Server 2007 BETA Exams

During the last 3 Weeks I had the chance to take the first 2 Project and Project Server BETA exams:

Microsoft Office Project 2007 - Configuring
Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 - Configuring

Both exams have been interesting, I think the MS Project 2007 exam is not to bad. Some of the questions where kind a strange, but then there are only BETA tests at this stage and I am sure that Microsoft will work some more on the questions based on the feedback the beta team gave.

The Project Server Configuration I found fairly easy but some questions seem to have been very confusing. It was good to give feedback during the test and once again I am sure that Microsoft will refine the questions before they come out.

Due to the NDA we had to sign, I am not allowed to get into details, but hey, with a bit of luck you will be able to take the exams in the next couple of month :)

I personally am very happy that Microsoft has developed a new structure for Project Server 2007. It has become a serious tool set for Project Management and many organisations discover the power of Project Server these days.


Alex said...

Hi Marc,

Don't forget the contents of Microsoft exams are under an NDA (remember that red screen you clicked yes to at the start?!).

Thanks for the cred :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, the NDA police are on your tail. Where would Microsoft be if all the die-hards didn't talk about and spread the positive about their products?

Maybe they are relying on their excessive Silverlight popups or similar to keep the torch lit.

But anyway, Thanks for posting. It's blogs like yours that get the REAL information out to other potential MCTS / users. Most of the Microsoft pages show all the "details", and then have broken links to other "info".

Anonymous said...

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