Tuesday, June 19, 2007

PMI Chapter Presentation

Yesterday I presented at the South Australian PMI Chapter. The presentation was around "the challenges implementing EPM Solutions". Based on the feedback, the audience seemed to have enjoyed the presentation.

Main points of the presentation was based on do's and dont's when implementing EPM and the role PMO offices have, EPM software solutions have and insights of how organisations become ready deploying an EPM solution.

Role of PMO
  • Support Governance
  • Act as a centre of excellence
  • Coach and Mentor
  • Provide oversight
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY….. Drive measurable improvement in project output

A PMO must be able to help executives with execution of strategy, as determined by the project mix and flow, or the PMO will not achieve sufficient level of value to sustain itself ( Gerald l Kendall and Steven R. Rollins )

The Role of the EPM Software Solution
  • Support the implementation of corporate PM Standards
  • Identify project risks and resource constraints
  • Portfolio reporting and analysis
  • Early warning for project failure
  • Improve resource utilisation
  • Do not try to implement all capabilities at one time
  • No software will do Project Management, Resource Management and Portfolio Management for you
  • Bad data in = bad data out!!!
Readiness tips for Organisations
  • Assess your organisation
  • Ensure that you have a clear "embraced" process / methodology
  • Resistance is the biggest obstacle
  • Plan for it and how it will be managed
  • Effective sponsorship is the biggest success factor
  • Obtain clear sponsorship and goals
  • Train your staff appropriately
  • Not only on the tool but also on the process / methodology
  • communication, communication

Surprisingly many participants have been most interested in a Project User Group. We will take this into hand very soon.

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