Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project Server 2010 Demand Management

I am just at the project server 2010 ignite session in Sydney and it was most interesting. One thing becomes apparent, project server 2010 really rocks. Microsoft has done a great job, especially when it comes to project lifecycle management. A big part of this is Demand Management.

Over the last couple of month I have started working with the Demand Management component of Project Server 2010 and I promise to post some more about this shortly but lets see what Demand Management actually means:

What is demand management for Microsoft

Here are the main Challenges for Organisations organisations face:

  • Organisational ideas compete for attention and resources in project and product portfolios.
  • Organisations need to find the most beneficial suite of projects for benefit optimisation.
  • No realistic implication for Pet projects implementation.
  • No idea of what resource implication project proposals may have.

The solution that Microsoft came up with is referred to as Demand Management:

  • Collaborative platform featuring workflow management, business case, schedule tools, and a portfolio analysis engine that organizations need to comprehensively manage the demands of their organisation.
  • Portfolio What If scenario planning giving ability to objective decision making in regards to projects and resources.
  • Track progress against strategic goals to act early in case of non success

Are you excited? How this all works will follow shortly. :)