Sunday, January 27, 2008

Project Server Backup and Restore Tool

Based on the Project Server 2007 Resource Kit, the most valuable tool, I believe is the backup restore tool. Since it is very hard to move server settings from one to another server ( from test to production for example), it made our life just very hard when implementing Project Server on customer site. So I had to check out this EXCELLENT tool from Microsoft Here is how it works:

After extracting the Project Server 2007 Resource Kit, you will find a file called "Playbooks.exe". Double click this exe file and you will be prompted with the following screen:

Enter the URL. The following UI will appear ( can take a short while )

Please note the parts you can backup from the server. Excellent !

Click the backup button and the backup will start:

Once the Backup is completed the following dialog window will appear:

All you need to do now is click on the restore tab, and enter the URL of the new server;

You have the option to either replace or merge the settings of the new server. All you then need to do is click on the restore button and the restore runs. By the way, any error that may occur, will result in a log file and the restore is aborted. Once the restore is successfully completed you will get a notification.
Now that's what I call a backup restore tool :) Thanks EPM Team :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Project Server 2007 Resource Kit

The Microsoft EPM team has released the Project Server 2007 Resource Kit. There are some great tools in this resource kid like:

  • Portfolio Analyzer Views Migration:
    Allows an administrator to bulk edit the location of an analysis server for multiple data analysis views.
  • Project Server Settings Backup and Restore (Playbooks):
    Allows an administrator to backup Project Server settings and restore those settings to another Project Server.
  • Project Server Data Populator:
    Allows an administrator to populate Project Server with projects, resources and other objects. Useful for helping capacity and performance testing.
  • Project Workspace Site Relinker:
    Allows an administrator to relink the connection between Project Server and Project Workspace sites.
  • View Effective Rights:
    Allows an administrator to query the Project Server to determine the effective permissions of users against projects or resources.
You can download the kit at this link

Changing the Title of my blog

I have decided to change the title of my blog from Project Server rocks to crazy Germans EPM Blog. The title comes mainly from my boss, colleague and very good friend Andy Neumann. Since he decided to create a link to our intranet site at work where he called it the crazy Germans blog :) So here we go, it's official now. Thank you Andy :)

Actaully the main reason is because I want to start writing about Portfolio Server as well, since this is part of Microsoft's EPM solution and since I am implementing this part of the EPM solution these day's, I thought I share my experience with this, well....., interesting peace of technology. Many people seem to "bag" the software, but to be honest, it is a most valuable tool, once you know how to use it, and as with everything, when you know it's "querks" you can prevent downfalls :). Anyway, more to come.