Saturday, January 26, 2008

Project Server 2007 Resource Kit

The Microsoft EPM team has released the Project Server 2007 Resource Kit. There are some great tools in this resource kid like:

  • Portfolio Analyzer Views Migration:
    Allows an administrator to bulk edit the location of an analysis server for multiple data analysis views.
  • Project Server Settings Backup and Restore (Playbooks):
    Allows an administrator to backup Project Server settings and restore those settings to another Project Server.
  • Project Server Data Populator:
    Allows an administrator to populate Project Server with projects, resources and other objects. Useful for helping capacity and performance testing.
  • Project Workspace Site Relinker:
    Allows an administrator to relink the connection between Project Server and Project Workspace sites.
  • View Effective Rights:
    Allows an administrator to query the Project Server to determine the effective permissions of users against projects or resources.
You can download the kit at this link

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