Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Change the Manager of an Enterprise Project

We know that the types of Managers have changed in Project Server 2007 ( Status Manager, Approval Manager etc), but do you know how you can change the Status Manager ( which can be understood to be the Project Manager) within a Project?

Microsoft gives us a good instruction under:

There is one nasty !!
When you create an Enterprise Template and then use the template for a project, the Status Manager does not change automatically to the user that creates a project from the template. In fact, the Status Manager will contain the name of the person who created the template. As part of using a template, you need to ensure that your process includes the changing of the Status Manager. Alternatively you can write a little Macro.


Mike said...

On the Microsoft reference page it says, "To change the status manager for all tasks in the project, change the first task, and then copy the Status Manager field. Paste the updated status manager in the grid for the remaining tasks."
What does "Paste the updated status manager in the grid for the remaining tasks." mean?
Fill down doesn't work & pasting the Status Manager into each task individually isn't much of a tip. What am I missing?

Marc Soester [MVP] said...

Well Mike, actually there is bug that doesnt allow you to copy and paste this field at present. BUT Microsoft has released a hotfix that should fix this issue

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that the status manager is not removed from a template when saved and changing the status manager should be programed into a macro when creating projects from the template. I also did some digging and found out that the only way to add a status manager is to have the new status manager open the project in Project Professional 2007. At that time the new status manager is added to the list of status managers for that project and can be selected using the method you posted. Is there an easier way to add a status manager to a project without having the new status manager open the project in Project Professional 2007?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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virsharma said...
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virsharma said...

Nice, Can we update the Status Manager using PSI?


Kit said...

Visharma or anyone,

Could we update the status manager using PSI?

Thank you.

parth said...

CAn you please tell me how to write a macro which can change the Status Manager as i am trying the following code but no luck :(

Dim T As Task
For Each T In ActiveProject.tasks
If Not (T Is Nothing) Then
T.StatusManagerName = "Name"
End If
Next T