Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Proposal and Activities - things you need to consider

I have been trying to implement Proposals and Activities and here are some things you should know before attempting to use Proposals in Project Server 2007
  1. When allocating a resource to a task ( under build a team ) you cannot allocate a certain unit ( e.g. 50%) to a resource. This makes it nearly impossible to use when you only want resource to work 4 hours a day on this task. Now that is NOT nice :)
  2. You can only assign 1 resource to a task. NOT nice
  3. When you don't use the time sheet, but only the task update ( which some customers do) and you want resources to update tasks by hours worked per day, the resource will need to drill down to the task and enter each day he/she has worked. So far so good. ( by the way this is a setting in Project Server that you can set). BUT when using the Proposal Project Server does NOT allow to enter time per day ( only total actual work). Also NOT nice

In total I am a little disappointed on the function of Proposals and Activities. It seems a "little" over promise was done by Microsoft ( Sorry Microsoft, I still love you :)

So in a nutshell, please investigate deeply before using the Proposal and Activities. Make sure that you have all posebillities covered. There are certainly great possibilities and lets face it. IT IS BETTER THAN NOTHING -- RIGHT :)


Anonymous said...

Question: Is there any way to customize the tasks' grid for an activity or a proposal ?

it only contains these columns "Task Name, Milestone, Duration, Start Date, Finish Date, %Work Complete, Resource Name". Can we add more ?

Marc Soester [MVP] said...

Yes you could, but it requires custom development based on PSI ( Project Server Interface)

Shayeb said...

Hi this might be a noob question but im still learning about project server , i have created a proposal and i have created an activity and they both seams to be the same , can you please tell me what is the differences between them ?

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Anonymous said...

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