Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Creating a Resource Plan

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On projects which run for a longer time, it is not always be possible to assign a resource directly to a task for the whole duration of a Project. The Project Manager knows approximately whom he/ she would like to be involved in the project, but does not know on which tasks.
In order to show the resources availability Project Server offers Project Managers the ability to create a resource plan. A resource plan gives PM’s the option to assign time to a resource for a project, but does not need to assign the resource to a Project task.

Please note, assigning a resource to a project via the resource plan will not automatically display the project tasks in the “My Task” screen for this resource.

  1. Go to the Project Center and highlight your Project
    Click on ‘Resource Plan’
  2. You will be prompted with the Resource Plan Screen

  3. Click Build Team
    Select the resources you whish to add to your resource plan

  4. Click Save

  5. Click Settings > View Options
    You can now set the resource plan

    Date Range = The date range you whish to view
    Column Interval =, Days, Week, Month, Year
    You can decide how the resource utilisation is calculated:
    - Project Plan: The utilisation will be calculated from the Project Plan
    - Resource Plan: The utilisation will be calculated from the Resource Plan
    - Project Plan until: you can specify a date until the utilisation will be calculated from the Project Plan. After this date, the Resource Plan will be the bases of the utilisation calculation for the resource that are on the resource plan

    Work Units ( the units you want to enter based on the date range you specify ) = hours, days, weeks, month, year,

    Show Total Work =Allows users to enter one total amount for the whole Project.

  6. Enter the required resource time in to the data grid
  7. Click Save and Publish
    The resource plan will now be published and the resource utilisation will be visible in Project Web Access

    Please note:
    If you use need to change some resource plan information you can do so by clicking on the resource plan within the Project Center of PWA


Marcel said...

I tried to reproduce your steps. In step number 7 you explain that the resource plan is visable in PWA. In which view? I can't find any data displayed in the Resource Availability or Resource Assignments views, or maybe it is only visable in a Data Analysis view (which cube)? Is it also possible to see resource plan information in the Resource Usage screen in Project Professional.

Preferably a Resource Manager would like to have a total overview of required work for proposals, in resource plans etc. for all the resources in the team. Any idea's?

Greetings, Marcel

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