Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The next big thing - Client, Server and Cloud

Most of you have already found out that the next release of  Project and Project Server is around the corner. That also means I can start my blog activities again :) So Welcome.....back :)

So why is the next release the next big thing? There are lots of posts out there already that start to go into detail of the new release. However I would like to give you an overview of what options you have utilising Project in the future.

Client Software:
Firstly there is of course your well known client software of MS Project. That will allow you manage a schedule on your Laptop of PC as a stand alone version.

Server Software:
Most of you that work in an Enterprise Project Management environment know Microsoft Project Server ( the next release will most likely be called Project Server 2013). It allows your organisation to manage projects in a centralised manner with the Server in your office.

Project Online:
Now that is a new one :) Project Online allows you to manage an Enterprise Wide project management capability without having the software or hardware within your office ( yes....the cloud). this is a really cool and stable way maintaining project information without having to worry about the hardware. If you are interested have a look at Alex Burtons great blog introducing how you can sign up with Project Online.
project online hidden gem click to run

By the way currently is the customer preview ( or Beta ). You can check it out at

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