Monday, September 04, 2006

Hello EPM World

Now that is quite an experience, since this is my first time "blogging" and it feels like..... No one will give a rats ass of what I write :) Never mind. Let's hope there is an EPM world out there that is actually interested.

Let's talk about ME :) My name is Marc Soester and I am a passionate EPM solution implementer from Australia. You may discover that my English is not up to scratch for an Australian, well that is because I am not Australian. I am a German living in Australia. Lets hope you understand most of what I write PLUS you can consider yourself lucky since I have a German accent that you can hear but cant read ( I hope ).

today's session will only act as a test post and the announcement of a great Microsoft site that you will be interested should you like EPM or Project Server or Portfolio Server or or or :)

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